First, off, Happy Thanksgiving! While it is a day to enjoy turkey and all that, it is mostly about being thankful for family and friends. Olga and I have had a truly wonderful year thanks in large part to the amazing couples who have entrusted us with their wedding photography. And we are preparing for an even more spectacular 2015, beginning with an announcement: Documentary You and Steve Daubs Photography are combining into a new, all-inclusive brand: Steve Daubs Studios.

I have been a photographer for a long time, first as a journalist, then as a documentary fine art photographer, and then I added commercial, architectural and portrait photography. When Olga and I decided to venture into weddings a few years ago, we thought it would be best to keep my old work separate from this new work, so we made a new brand that was separate from the old one (Steve Daubs Photography). 

It made sense at the time; the audience of our previous business was mostly artists and photo editors while the new business was aimed squarely at future brides and grooms. But now, it's clear to me that the trajectory of my education and experience as a photographer and storyteller has led me to weddings. They are the perfect blend of story, character, and visual joy. 

For us, the privilege and challenge of photographing weddings exceeds any of the other work we do. So while I will continue to work on my own personal documentary projects (you can see some of them in the "other portfolios" section of this website, the business is focused on satisfying the needs of my wedding and portrait clients. 

I can assure my past and current clients that the new name and website will do nothing to change our relationship, our commitments, or our responsibilities. We are extremely excited about bringing a new energy into this business, and we hope you share it with us!