Most Wisconsinites look at us incredulously when we tell them we moved from South Florida to Madison a couple of years ago. “Why would you do that?” is always the first question they ask. But the truth is, we love the change of seasons here, and no more so than in Fall, when the forests erupt in orange yellow and red, like a cool weather sea of fireworks across the landscape.

Those same people who wonder why we moved back to the Midwest also are the first to call in scheduling their fall color engagement sessions. They appreciate it, too, but after several years of hot and humid falls followed by hot and humid Christmases, we can’t get enough of the fall color. So when Anne and Reed wanted to schedule something when the leaves turned, we were happy to oblige.

Despite scheduling around the wet weather, we were able to get a beautiful, crisp fall day at Olin Park, and we spent the afternoon wandering the park's paths and lingering on the view of downtown Madison and the Capitol across the lake. We also were able to spend a little time documenting them at their house as well.

We can’t wait for their wedding next year!