Heather and Robert really wanted engagement photos in Madison with a little fall color, but the weather wasn't cooperating. It was pouring rain on a recent Sunday afternoon as we loaded the car to get to PIcnic Point at UW-Madison with a forecast for rain to end by sunset, but our alternate date a few days later was looking like a frigid, grey day also with the chance for rain so we decided to hope for the weather to clear, at least a bit. 

But at least the trees were turning, with rich yellows and reds and oranges towering over us on the paths of the UW Lakeshore Nature Preserve, and Heather and Robert were game for anything. So we started to shoot as the rain began to lighten up a bit, capturing some of the color while avoiding most of the rain. 

When the rain finally quit for a minute, we got a few images with their cute little doggies, who were a bit more interested in smelling everything around than posing for us. Nothing new there! We even brought our own little bit of sunshine via our Profoto B2 strobes and a warming filter--you can't control the weather, but you can control the light! 

We worked our way into the preserve, stopping here and there to capture a moment or some color, the sky still grey and foreboding, until just before sunset. At that point, it didn't matter that I was soaked and dirty from laying in the mud because the clouds had begun to part to reveal the richest, reddest sunset I have seen in some time. It was as if the gods were paying us back for our faith in the beauty of nature or something, and we raced to the western edge of the peninsula to use that beautiful backdrop. 

But nature wasn't done with us. To the north was a stunning double rainbow that stretched over the entire lake. We didn't need to make it to the end of the peninsula, but rather felt like we had found the pot of gold already in the stunning beauty of nature and the infectious love of another amazing couple. We love it when a plan comes together. Thanks, Robert, Heather, the dogs and the handlers, who showed great trust and patience in us! 


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