It's not unusual for wedding photographers to travel when they photograph a wedding, but it's always a little more stressful than usual. And, unbeknownst to last weekend's stunning couple Cheryl and Nick, this one was painful at the start. Olga and I arrived early in Milwaukee to catch our direct flight back to South Florida the day before their wedding, but the computer hangover from a day of glitches at Southwest Airlines meant we spent ten hours sitting in the airport hoping our long-delayed flight wouldn't face the fate of so many others that day--cancellation. 

We lined up some friends in South Florida to document the wedding, but our patience was rewarded with a late night flight and arrival at 4 a.m., just a few hours before we needed to head to Sunny Isles to capture the day's wedding. We arrived early at the gorgeous Doubletree by Hilton Oceanpoint Resort and Spa and simply got to work...if you can call it that! 

Nick and Cheryl and the entire wedding party and family were a blast to hang out with, and the outdoor ceremony was even blessed with a cool ocean breeze and cloudy skies. 

We simply felt lucky to see the love, joy, and zest for life that everybody brought to the wedding.  Congrats to the amazing couple!


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