The road outside my parent's home

This blog is a space where we normally are focused on you, our clients. We showcase our best work, provide helpful information about weddings and photography in general, and try to give you a sense of what we do as professional wedding photographers. 

But this month we are moving our successful Florida photography studio to Madison, Wisconsin, and I thought a brief word or two about why is in order. 

The reality of the modern family is often one of relatives spread out all across the state, country, and, indeed world. We certainly feel that, with my brother's family in Cocoa Beach, my sister's family in Minnesota, my wife's family in Ukraine, and my own adult children and parents in Wisconsin. We came to South Florida several years ago from Ukraine to open this business, and have loved every second of it. Working with my wife and capturing the images we show you on a weekly basis has been the greatest joy of my professional life. 

It has always been difficult to be away from so much of my family for that time, particularly my adult son and daughter. My daughter is an up-and-coming graphic designer in Madison, and all the best design work you see from Steve Daubs Studios comes from her (while the terrible stuff is usually mine!). My son has battled through bipolar disorder and come through with a sharp wit he employs almost nightly on the stand-up comedy circuit in and around Madison. The tug of missing so much of their lives has only become stronger over time. 

But recently, another major shift happened in our lives. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. I can't tell you how much my father's example has meant to me over the years. He is the epitome of the American success story, a poor kid who left home at 16, was the first in his family to attend college, and who went on to earn an MBA and run a multi-billion dollar investment company. Now living outside of Madison, my parents had hoped to enjoy the solitude of the rolling hills and sounds of nature in their lovely hilltop home. 

And they have, to a large degree, for the past several years. But age is a merciless tormentor, and now my father, always the picture of health and vigor, has begun to feel the effects of memory loss and frustration that come with the onset of Alzheimer's. So it is time for me to begin to repay, if only in the smallest of ways, everything he has given me throughout my life. Olga, our daughter Veronika, and I will do everything we can for however much time we have with my parents to make sure they live their retirement in the most fun, comfortable, and easy way possible. 

We are excited to spend so much more time with our Wisconsin family, and we remain passionate about building our wedding and family photography businesses in Madison. Yes, we are sad to leave the Sunshine State, but the decision comes from the best of motivations and at the most critical time.