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Your wedding isn't a photoshoot!

That's right, I'm a wedding photographer who believes your wedding isn't supposed to be about endless hours posing for the camera. Sometimes, do I wish it was? Of course. I would love to have the time to carefully set up lights, wait for the right moment, and get you and your partner to pose perfectly on the steps of a grand castle. Every now and then, I even get to make that photograph.

But your wedding, whether in Jupiter or Miami or somewhere in-between, is just that: Yours! It's an important day not because I'm there taking photographs, but because you're there with your partner, your friends, and your family to celebrate a momentous occasion. And we're hired to help you have an amazing time. 

 At Steve Daubs Studios, our first goal is to make you happy. We do that in a variety of ways, the most important of which is capturing the day beautifully and smoothly. But we also have super glue on hand, which came in handy the day the father of the bride's rental shoe separated from its sole. We have Advil and Band-Aids and wardrobe tape. We bring a needle and thread, which was pretty helpful in sewing in a bridesmaid whose zipper ripped minutes before the ceremony. 

I have shown more than a few groomsmen how to tie their ties or put on their cufflinks, or what those little tuxedo studs were for. We don't mind; in fact, we think great customer service is integral to our business. 

We still hustle around the venue capturing moments as they happen and we make sure to efficiently capture those still very important portraits that document who was there and what they were like. We also work hard in scheduling your day to make sure our couples also get some amazing, cool, and unusual creative portraits. We just don't take all day to do it, and even those moments we do our best to bring the fun and passion of the wedding itself to your mood and your images. 

In the image above, we took about 15 minutes at the end of the reception to capture some dramatic images of our couple on a pier across the street from the the wedding at the Holy Trinity Episcipal Church in West Palm Beach. It was just a few minutes for a dozen beautiful sunset and dusk images that our bride and groom can be proud to hang on their wall. The rest of the day? The spent it enjoying each other, their families, and their friends. And we captured that, too!