I love photographing Wisconsin weddings and families, but I also think personal projects are essential to keeping myself photographically fit. Since moving back to Wisconsin, I've been looking for a new project or two to explore, and one of them is a look at indy rock band The Complication

Annie B. is talented and driven singer-songwriter who founded the band, and an old friend. She, bassist Michael and drummer Dave "Road Dog" Bishop are out there hustling and rocking throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. 

But it wasn't just the music or our friendship that attracted me to the project; it's the fact that she manages to create a career as a businesswoman and artist with unusual drive and energy. It's not so different from the struggles of running a photography business, and I've already learned a lot from her about how to keep your passion while paying the bills. So i stopped by a late-night show a couple of weeks ago in Bayview at Club Garibaldi to kick this project off. Here are the results: