One of the most exciting things about photographing seniors is the creativity that we can bring to their sessions. As professional senior photographers, our goal is not just to understand and amplify your senior’s unique personality, but to allow them to have a fun time and create photographs and wall art that go several steps beyond the ordinary.

This year we chose to implement parachute dress sessions, not just because they’re fun, but because, I’ll admit, I always wanted a parachute. Yes, I was one of those kids jumping off balconies holding onto my wubbie or trying to convince my mother to sew a giant parachute every time we went to the fabric store.

Now I’ve got one! My jumping days are long gone, but we recently purchased a white military surplus parachute (minus the cords….nobody’s jumping off the Capitol building!). I still had to lean on my mom to help us retrofit it as a dress, but she was happy to bust out the sewing machine to complete the project.

The inaugural session occurred over Easter weekend in front of Monona Terrace, and we can’t wait to bring in a few more seniors for this kind of session. If you’d like a session with this dress, just give us a call, and we’ll design a senior session that not only brings out your personality but also makes a statement like this! For more info, call 608-620-8304 or contact us through our website.