Your wedding day in South Florida is filled with anticipation, excitement, stress, and, often, a hectic pace. No where is this more apparent than during the time when the bride and groom and wedding party are getting ready.

It's one of our favorite parts of the day because you can see the transformation from single to married beginning, not in just the dress and styling, but in the faces of my clients. To make sure you get the best images of this part of the day, two things will make a huge difference:

  • Make sure you have all the important details for your day ready for us when we arrive: dress, shoes, rings, bridal bouquet, veil, keepsakes, and anything else you want documented. We start with this and then move on to getting ready photos. 
  • Getting ready photos are amazing because it shows the bride and groom’s anticipation, the camaraderie of your closest friends and family. But having ten girls getting ready in a single room often means there are piles of clothes everywhere, empty cups and bottles scattered around the room, and piles of makeup on every flat surface in the room. Do your best to tidy up, putting away as much as possible before we arrive so the images aren’t cluttered with too much stuff. 

These two tips not only make for a more efficient wedding day, but they also make for more beautiful photographs of this important ritual. When it comes time to find  your wedding photographer, we'd love to sit down with you and talk about how Steve Daubs Studios can help you make your wedding day great and your memories crystal clear. Call us at 561-445-5483, or email us at