Seriously amazing pictures! The experience was awesome. I can’t say enough how amazing these people are.
— Brittany

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It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day of being a modern woman, so easy that sometimes we just forget how beautiful and complex we all are. I opened Olga Daubs Boudoir to celebrate the true beauty of every Wisconsin woman, no matter your age or your size or what society tells us a woman ought to be. You are unique, beautiful, and powerful, and I capture that in our custom boudoir sessions with a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 

You'll be pampered and respected from our first conversation through the selection of wardrobe to the session itself and the delivery of your stunning images. It's a way to treat yourself, to be able to see yourself as I see you, past the stereotypes and judgements of others, past the fatigue of daily life, and to celebrate you! 

How It Works

After you contact me, we'll meet in person or over the phone to talk about what your goals are for the session, what you'd like to wear, and how you'd like to showcase the art we create. Your session itself will begin with a luxurious session with a talented hair and makeup artist to prepare you for the camera. We'll talk and laugh in a comfortable environment, and then have a blast making sure you look amazing in your images. A few weeks later, we'll meet up to reveal your images and place your order. And after we print your images or your album, we know you'll see yourself in the best possible light, memorializing your specific beauty forever.