We believe the best photographs come when people are truly having a great time doing what they love to do. Our approach to family photography is leisurely, fun, and candid in nature, taking the time to hang out and photograph you and your family as you do things you like to do. Every day in a family is full of little rituals, things like eating cereal together at breakfast or dad washing the dishes after every dinner, but these rituals are things you and your kids really remember and they're worth documenting. Or, it could be as simple as baking cookies at home or hanging out at the park. It could be documenting your child's first day of school or the lead-up to the big game. It could be anything, really, as long as its what you love doing. 

Of course, we take a few minutes during the session to create more traditional family portraits, but the focus of the session is always to photograph you engaging yourselves in the challenge, wonder, and joy that is being a family. 

Sessions begin at two hours but can be day-long or multi-day projects as well, custom crafted to tell the story of your family. After the session, we carefully edit your photos and you'll meet with us for the big reveal and ordering session. We personally supervise the production and printing of your custom albums, prints, and wall art.