Get that flash off your camera!


Do you cringe every time you have to pull out your flash? Do you find yourself frustrated when you can't get your flash photographs to look as beautiful as your natural light work? This one-day, hands-on course will help you overcome your fear of off camera flash and open up your creativity to new ways of making images. 

This Professional Photographers of America Super One Day Class embraces the peer-to-peer educational process that is at the heart of the PPA. This course is targeting for emerging professionals who want to improve their off-camera flash technique. Come explore such topics as: Technical issues in using OCF, blending ambient and strobe lighting on location, proper flash placement, the use of flash modifiers, and using off camera lighting for creative effects. Students will work hands on in the studio and on location to practice the techniques being taught under the supervision of the instructor. Additionally, this course will cover lighting ratios, portrait lighting strategies (short vs. broad light, rembrandt light, butterfly light etc.), and proper use of soft boxes, umbrellas and beauty dishes. Snacks will be provided!

About your Instructor: Steve Daubs has been making photographs since high school, working in journalism, fine art, portraiture, documentary and weddings. He has earned the Certified Professional Photographer degree from PPA and is a CPP liaison for Wisconsin. With a background in teaching English and creative writing, he brings a practical, hands-on approach to teaching that moves students step-by-step through the key factors in improving their work. 

The Details:

  • Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
  • Time: 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Location: Steve Daubs Studios, 2820 Walton Commons Lane, Suite 131, Madison, WI 53718
  • Cost: $99 (for both PPA members and non-members
  • To Register go here: PPA Super One Day
  • What you should bring: Your camera and favorite lenses, at least one flash with radio trigger, and a desire to share with other photographers as we all try to become better

What You'll Learn


Integrating Flash and natural light 

One of flash's biggest advantages in your toolbox is its ability to adjust its power relative to the surrounding ambient light. We'll work together to practice balancing what you want the rest of the scene to look like with properly lighting your subjects. 


Adding Pop in outdoor portraits 

Strobes can be subtly used to fill in shadows and create a bit of sparkle in the eye without looking like you used a flash at all. 


Wedding Reception lighting

We'll explore several techniques to create the light you want at your wedding receptions, including cross lighting, single light setups, special effects, and using off camera flash with on-camera flash. 

placing your lights

We'll review the pros and cons of various one-, two-, and three-light setups, exploring placement and adjustment. 

understanding modifiers

We'll explore soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, grids and more to understand how to truly control your off camera flash. 


changing the game

Sometimes the golden hour turns to mush, but OCF can help you create that beautiful late-day glow. We'll explore ways to radically affect the look of any space with the use of flash.